Melbourne Wedding Videographer | We’ve got a new website coming!

We’ve been getting our website redesigned recently. Our current site is a DIY, just like our wedding videos, but unlike our wedding videos we aint no experts in web design!
Anyway, it’s been a really eye opening experience. Kim, from Evoke Design Studio (check here out, she’s amazing) has taken a holistic approach to the whole process. She’s gotten Grace and myself to dig deep and examine who we are, what’s important to us, what our values are and why we do what we do. The simple answer is that we love it – both for the process (for me filming, for Grace editing) and for the end result (our couples reactions to the finished video).
It’s really opened both of our eyes to the type of videos we create and a little about why we create them in the style we do. For both of us, total dedication to the craft and an unfulfilled desire to keep pushing creative boundaries is at the forefront of it all, and it’s why our videos are a little bit different every time.
For me being a melbourne wedding videographer in this glorious little town is a challenge, an excitement and a great way to make a living. I probably didn’t have to dig too deep to understand that, but it’s nice for the affirmation to know that this is a journey that I choose above any other.